Pastured Pork by the Side or Whole
from 150.00

We are offering heritage breed pigs by the side or whole animal. This cross combines the great qualities of two well established, heritage breeds resulting in well marbled, delicious pork. 

Our pigs are fed a diet of whey from Thunder Oak Cheese Farm (see photo), grains from the local feed mill and an all-you-can-eat salad bar from our rotating pastures. The pigs move pastures every three days. The first they root and eat much of the vegetation. On the second day we go in and seed all exposed soil with a forage mixture including plants such as kale, turnips, and clover (see photo). By leaving them in there for one more day after seeding, their hooves do all the planting of the seeds for us!

Pork by the side or whole animal: 3.85/lb hanging weight. This includes cut and wrap but does not include a smoking fee for bacon and ham. We aim for our sides of pork to be between 100-125lb hanging weight, with the average total being approx $400.

All of our pricing is based on the hanging weight of the animal once it has been processed by the abbattoir, but before it is butchered. All meat raised at Corbett Creek Farm is hormone and antibiotic free.

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Corbett Creek Pastured Pork

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