about us


Corbett Creek Farm & Creative Centre is owned and operated by Jonathan Hollway and Aly Wood. As two people who have worked primarily in the outdoor industry, we are no strangers to long days, beautiful surroundings, and hard work. Our latest and greatest adventure, is our new farm in Murillo, Ontario. It is a place we have been connected to for years, and we are looking forward to making it our own while honoring its history. We are devoted to supplying our community with locally grown food, a space to gather, and a setting to learn, share and grow together.


Our animals

Our pigs are fed a diet of whey from Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, grains from the local feed mill and an all-you-can-eat salad bar from our rotating pastures. The pigs move pastures every three days. The first they root and eat much of the vegetation. On the second day we go in and seed all exposed soil with a forage mixture including plants such as kale, turnips, and clover (see left photo below). By leaving them in there for one more day after seeding, their hooves do all the planting of the seeds for us!

We are particularly excited about the addition of whey to our pigs diet . During the cheese making process, only around 20% of the milk volume is turned in to cheese with the remainder being whey. Feeding pigs whey is a long standing practice in many parts of the world, for instance the famed proscuitto de Parma from Italy is made by feeding the leftover whey from parmesan cheese. Whey contains lots of protein and vitamins and allows us to reduce the amount of grain we need to feed on the farm, resulting in a more environmentally sustainable pig farming operation.

Our cows are grass-fed and finished on pasture. We are constantly working to improve our pastureland by moving our cattle frequently, dividing pasture to give the land optimal rest time and adding beneficial plant species. The goal of these strategies is to improve the land we farm by building the organic matter in our soil and creating a strong functioning ecosystem without the use of external feed & fertilizer. The benefit to our cattle is that they always have access to fresh lush forage and healthy environment. We are expecting to produce some amazing grass-fed beef again this year, if you are interested in purchasing meat from our farm please click here.