Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

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We are offering heritage breed pigs sold by the side or whole animal. Our pigs are fed a diet of whey from Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, grains from the local feed mill and an all-you-can-eat salad bar from our rotating pastures! Orders will be filled July-September 2019.

All of our pricing is based on the hanging weight of the animal once it has been processed by the abbattoir, but before it is butchered. All meat raised at Corbett Creek Farm is hormone and antibiotic free.

Average size for our pork ($3.85/lb)

  • Side: approx 115lb hanging weight

  • Whole: approx 225lb hanging weight

To reserve your pork order, we require a deposit of $150 for a side, and $300 for a whole. The final price including butchering for a side of pork is approximately $440, while a whole is approximately $870. The cost of smoking the meat (bacon or ham) is not included in this price and is paid for upon pick-up at the processer of the buyers choice.. Buying in larger quantities like this allows you to create custom butchering orders tailored to your lifestyle and we work with you to ensure this process is as easy as possible.

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