Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

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We are offering Tamworth x Old Black and Tamworth x Berkshire pigs by the side or whole animal. This cross combines the great qualities of two well established, heritage breeds resulting in well marbled, delicious pork. Our pigs are raised from farrow to finish at Corbett Creek, always with access to lush pasture and seasonal foods that are naturally occuring on our farm, such as apples, field berries & beaked hazelnuts.

All of our pricing is based on the hanging weight of the animal once it has been processed by the abbattoir, but before it is butchered. All meat raised at Corbett Creek Farm is hormone and antibiotic free.

Average size for our pork ($3.75/lb)

  • Side: 100lb hanging weight

  • Whole 200lb hanging weight

To reserve your pork order, we require a deposit of $150 for a side, and $300 for a whole.

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