Sausages, Smokies and Bacon!

Sausages, Smokies and Bacon!

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Pastured Pork Sausages and Smokies (minimum order of $50)

We are offering bulk sausage and smokie orders of our pastured pork. Sausages and smokies come in packs of four and are made of Corbett Creek Farm pork. Our pigs are fed a diet of whey from Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, grains from the local feed mill and an all-you-can-eat salad bar from our rotating pastures. This results in incredibly flavorful pork.

..And because everyone LOVES BACON we are also offering bulk locally smoked bacon and peppered bacon.

Pick-ups will be on Thursdays at the Roots To harvest (450 Fort William Rd) Storefront between 4-5pm. **Please indicate which Thursday you would like your order to be ready for in the ‘Notes’ section once you place your order. ** First available Thursday: September 19th

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